Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Books for 2013

Neuromancer by William Gibson: Matrix, cyberspace ... common words right? Well this is the book which is credited for first using/ inventing these terms way back in the 80s. Neuromancer was a path breaking work and it kind of invented the cyber punk genre. So when you see the film Matrix you know who was the guy who thought it all first! The book is the story of Case, a 'cyber jockey' who must infiltrate the Cyber Matrix (read the book to know more!!) to carry out a heist. Set in a dystopic future and full of wildly imaginative scenarios the book is a must read for anyone slightly interested in science fiction and technology. The book is an experience by itself and a perfect start for the New Year.

Dongri to Dubai by S Husain Zaidi: This book is about the growth of Mumbai mafia and Dawood Ibrahim. It contains fascinating accounts of gang formation, mafia operations and the clashes between the gangs. An easy and fascinating read, this is a story about a world not at all known.

The Calcutta Chromosome by Amitav Ghosh: From Amazon.com: "From Victorian lndia to near-future New York, The Calcutta Chromosome takes readers on a wondrous journey through time as a computer programmer trapped in a mind-numbing job hits upon a curious item that will forever change his life. When Antar discovers the battered I.D. card of a long-lost acquaintance, he is suddenly drawn into a spellbinding adventure across centuries and around the globe, into the strange life of L. Murugan, a man obsessed with the medical history of malaria, and into a magnificently complex world where conspiracy hangs in the air like mosquitoes on a summer night."

Talkative Man by RK Narayan: Bookrack is fortunate to possess a near complete Malgudi collection. Exuding Indianess in every page, these magical books transport the readers to a quaint Indian town and their storylines are something any Indian would really appreciate. Take for example the book The Talkative Man. The Talkative Man is a journalist in Malgudi who likes spreading gossip around the town. Then a foreigner arrives, stays in the house of Talkative Man and the idyll of the town is disturbed...

Odessa File by Frederick Forsyth: ODESSA may or may not have been a real organisation whose purpose was to establish and facilitate secret escape routes after WW 2 to allow SS members avoid capture and prosecution for war crimes. Forsyth in his typically brilliant way melds fact with fiction and weaves a gripping yet disturbing saga about a reporter attempting to discover the location of a former SS concentration camp commander. Widely considered to be a modern classic the book keeps your attention till the end and is a must read for any book buff.

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