Friday, 17 August 2012

Bookathon 2012 - Theme Quiz 2/5

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We will publish the leaderboard after this quiz. The Bookathon takes a break for 3 days now. Questions on Theme 3 will be put up on Tuesday (21st August).

1. Connect:

 2. This irritating cartoon strip (well that is in our opinion!) was a part of one of the more innovative promotional campaigns in India. Appearing prominently in a newspaper much before the release of the movie, it generally featured 2 unnamed protagonists discussing inane things with one of the 2 being the butt of the joke in each strip. Name this strip.

3. Connect:

4. This comic’s title (as well as the name of the main character) is derived from the nickname given to the author by his sons. The comic is set in an unnamed coastal village in Norway and takes place in the middle ages. The main character regularly raids England and sometimes France. One continuing gag involves his extremely poor personal hygiene; for example, his annual bath is a time of national merriment and celebrations. For a brief time, the strip even had its own brand of sponsored soda. It is generally recalled as one of the funniest flops of the marketing industry. Name the comic.

5. Who is the uncle of the kids shown below:


  1. 1. Sesame Street
    2. Hum Tum
    3. DC Comics
    4. Hagar the Terrible
    5. Hiram

  2. Answers:
    1. Tintin
    2. Hum Tum
    3. Alan Moore (why was everyone writing the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen we don't know, how is Johnny Depp related to the league, Churchill V sign is a clue for V for Vendetta!!)
    4. Hagar the Horrible
    5. Beetle Bailey