Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Theme Quiz 3/5

We are back after a gap of 3 days. Today we bring to you plot lines. All you need to do is guess the book we are they referring to! Fill in your responses:


1. This classic traces the life story of a poor orphan boy who gets a sudden windfall of fortune and goes off to the big city only to find later that all his hopes were misplaced. The book is famous for its unique characters ranging from an eccentric old lady and an escaped convict to a heartless young girl and a lovable brother-in-law.

2. A young Indian boy whose father owns a zoo, survives the sinking of a ship and is trapped on a lifeboat with a tiger, and from before and while on the lifeboat, explores issues of spirituality.

3. A doctor turns scientist after losing his wife to a rare form of cancer. His life falls apart when he discovers that the same form of non hereditary cancer affects his daughter as well. The scientist has to fight against many other people along with cancer to save his dear daughter’s life.

4. This could be a tweet from a character of this book: Found this awesome girl but it all ended in Room 101 :(

5. This could be a tweet from a character of this book: The world outside our village is quite pretty, if only this damned ring wasn't around my neck ...

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  1. Answers:

    1. Great Expectations
    2. Life of Pi
    3. Fever
    4. 1984
    5. Lord of the Rings